Sasha Pekarsky

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Short Interest
Migratory connectivity using stable isotopes
PhD Student
Department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Givat Ram, Jerusalem 91904, Israel

I am a PhD student in the Movement Ecology Lab. My study is focused on the decision-making processes shaping the local and global movement patterns of a long-distance social migrant, the Eurasian Crane (Grus grus). The cranes are highly social long-distance migratory birds exhibiting extended parental care, gregarious behavior and frequent use of densely cultivated areas at wintering and stopover sites. My aim is to understand the processes shaping migration progress pattern of an individual bird, in relation to age and environmental conditions it encountered en route. I am also using an individual-based approach in order to understand how food availability as well as timing and intensity of intentional disturbance effect the habitat use of the migratory birds at an intensively managed, major wintering and stopover site in Israel. Additionally, I am working on the influence of this migration bottleneck on the potential spread of infectious zoonotic diseases.

My main general scientific interests are conservation biology, behavioral ecology and biogeography.


Sasha Pekarsky, , Ran Nathan, A. Angert, B. Haese, M. Werner, K. A. Hobson, (2015) Enriching the isotopic toolbox for migratory connectivity analysis: A new approach for migratory species breeding in remote or unexplored areas | Diversity and Distributions 416-427 : 21