Shay Rotics

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PhD Student
Department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Givat Ram, Jerusalem 91904, Israel

I am a PhD student in the Movement Ecology Lab, working on relating movement and behavior parameters to fitness in GPS tracked white storks (Ciconia ciconia). My main general scientific interests are behavioral ecology, conservation biology and the flora and fauna of Israel.
In my MSc research, I studied the impact of artificial night lightening on the activity patterns of rodents (Acomys) in the Judea dessert in Israel.


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Yehezkel Resheff, , Shay Rotics, , Roi Harel, , Orr Spiegel, , Ran Nathan, (2014) AcceleRater: a web application for supervised learning of behavioral modes from acceleration measurements | Movement Ecology 25 : 2
Shay Rotics, , Nir Sapir, , Ran Nathan, Zurell, D., U. Eggers, M. Kaatz,, , M. Wikelski, , F. Jeltsch, (2014) Individual-based modelling of resource competition to predict density-dependent population dynamics: a case study with white storks | Oikos 319-330 : 124