Prof. Ran Nathan

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Short Interest
Movement ecology, spatiotemporal plant population dynamics, ornithology.
Ph. D
Room 102, Dept. of Ecology, Evolution & Behavior, The Alexander Silberman Inst. of Life Sciences, Berman building, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem 91904

Movement ecology, mechanisms and patterns of organism movements, ecology and evolution of dispersal, spatiotemporal plant population dynamics, seed dispersal by wind, plant-animal interactions with special emphasis on endozoochory and granivory, dispersal biogeography, bird migration, ornithology.


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Ana Trakhtenbrot, , Ran Nathan, G. Katul, (2014) Mechanistic modeling of seed dispersal by wind over hilly terrain | Ecological Modelling 29-40 : 274
David Shohami, , Ran Nathan, (2014) Fire-induced population reduction and landscape opening increases gene flow via pollen dispersal in Pinus halepensis | Molecular Ecology 70-81
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Yehezkel Resheff, , Shay Rotics, , Roi Harel, , Orr Spiegel, , Ran Nathan, (2014) AcceleRater: a web application for supervised learning of behavioral modes from acceleration measurements | Movement Ecology 25 : 2