Dr. Anne Pisante

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I am a Ph.D. – level technician, highly experienced in molecular genetics.
During the course of the last few decades, I had the opportunity to work on and study as diverse organisms as yeast (studies on meiosis control and chromosome recombination mechanism, under the supervision of Prof. G. Simchen); bovine (genomics and microsatellite markers, under the supervision on Prof. M. Soller and Prof. A. Friedman); HIV (virus replication priming – with Dr. L. Kleiman); Drosophila (signal transduction in vision with Prof. B. Minke); human (genomic aspects of complex traits – with Prof. A. Darvasi) and mice (genetics of phantom pain with Prof M. Devor and Prof. A. Darvasi).
I have been among the first to implement both the Sanger sequencing method and microsatellite PCR amplification at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Working on my Ph.D. thesis on trypanotolerance in cattle, I contributed to the publication of the first bovine genome map. With the help and direction of Prof. Z. Paroush, I have established at the Hadassa medical school a transgenic fly facility.
Having always had a keen interest for nature conservation, as well as animal behavior, I am glad to be able to use my skills and experience and contribute to the study of movement ecology .
At the Movement Ecology lab, I am mainly involved in the genetic identification of individual birds in the jackdaw (Corvus monedula) project.