A Workshop in Movement Ecology: Analyzing Animal Movement Data

Teachers (users)
Luca Giuggioli (Univ. of Bristol)
Otso Ovaskainen (Univ. of Helsinki)
Henrik J. (Henjo) de Knegt (Univ. of Helsinki)
Course ID
906 015
Recent developments in tracking technologies have advanced the study of animal movement into a data-rich era, motivating the development of new theoretical frameworks and novel data analysis tools. The purpose of this workshop was to introduce some of the emerging methods for movement analysis to interested students.
The course presented the theoretical background and scientific questions to which these methods were applied, and also covered issues of data exploration and processing and included practical hands-on computer exercises.
The key topics included basic random walk models and state-space modeling, while lectures were followed by Matlab and R exercises.
The workshop was given over five consecutive days during the summer vacation of 2012 at the Edmond J. Safra Campus at Givat Ram, Jerusalem, Israel. The participant list included MSc and PhD students, as well as post docs and other non-academic conservationists who had a background in ecology, studying biological/ecological/wildlife questions, and possibly human/particle movements in geography or physics as well. The course is limited to a maximum of 30 participants, who are expected to be familiar with basic programming in Matlab or in R, and have taken a basic statistics course.
The lectures can be seen in YouTube in the "Shnaton" link.